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Search results for: Country: Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Age: from 0 to 100 years

We found 84 penfriends.

Samson chaminama, M, 1972, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: English, Afrikaans
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Iam a Zimbabwean teacher who seeks friends in Germany,Italy and Greenland.iam a Christian.

Registration: 20th August 2020

leeman, M, 1976, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: Swahili, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I leeman and iam looking for both sex friends.I enjoy reading and writing a lot.I am much calm and composed.I also friendly.

Registration: 10th March 2020

Henry, M, 1951, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: English, Arabic, Dutch
Correspondence: snail mail
iam a man aged 68years old from zimbabwe.looking for penpals aged 45-80years both interests include soccer.writting life.learning about other address is 2959 hobhouse.chikanga.mutare.zimbabwe

Registration: 21st August 2019

Gilbert, M, 1973, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: English, Dutch, Afrikaans
Correspondence: e-mail
iam a man aged 46years old from zimbabwe looking for male and female penpalls above 18years old.i would like to correspond by email

Registration: 19th August 2019

Flight2019, M, 1969, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi there! I'm Len. I love to connect with people from anywhere on this planet. My friend joke that I'm the most outgoing introvert they know. Contradiction in terms but we are all often more complex that what people see from outside. So if you are male or female, feel free to get in touch. I'll respond. I'm in Zimbabwe. I'm a Zimbabwean. I spend some time in Europe as well but I'm based in Harare. I love the outdoors, my dog (who has more energy than I can manage), the theatre (including radio theatre) and people.I like a good sense of humour too. Hope to hear from you soon

Registration: 2nd August 2019

glady, F, 1974, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I am a lady looking for a penfriend from UK. I am interested in cooking, reading, baking and listening to music especially country and gospel. I am a mother of two children a girl and a boy both are still going to school. I am currently working in Zimbabwean government as a Computer Science teacher.

Registration: 14th July 2019

Emmanuel munyaradzi, M, 1975, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: German, English, Thai
Correspondence: e-mail
I just need people I can communicate with just to know about you

Registration: 12th July 2019

shepherd, M, 1975, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I am looking for penpal friends from all over the world. My hobbies are reading, watching Tv. I love football and i am married with one child a boy. I am a cool and humble person who likes making new friends. i like friends who are honest and responsive both email and snail

Registration: 26th March 2019

Gilbert Tevere, M, 1973, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: English, Finnish, Swahili
Correspondence: snail mail
iam a man aged 46years old from zimbabwe,interested in penpal from address is 5053 zimta park.chikanga.mutare.zimbabwe

Registration: 18th March 2019

Rufaro , M, 1992, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
Writing language: English, Afrikaans, Portuguese
Correspondence: e-mail
I am a young man aged 26years now. I go to church

Registration: 31st December 2018

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