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Lynn, F, 2000, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English, Korean
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi hello annyeong:). My name is Lynn and Im from Indonesia. Im 20yo now and Im looking for friends here, somebody pls be my friend, haha.. By the way, I studied architecture majoring.. Is there the same? and yea my english is still bad, Im sorry"" Eumm I like KPop, especially Stray Kids. Are you STAY? Lets be friend! hehe, I'm confused about what to explain, especially here. Is it better for us to exchange letters? Nice to meet you!))

Registration: 7th May 2021

akhdzanarkana, M, 2008, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Indonesian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi. I'm Arka, I'm 12, I'm a boy. If you want to be friends with me, please send me a message.

Registration: 5th May 2021

Stephanie, F, 2000, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Chinese, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello there, My name Stephanie and I'm a student. I am currently looking for someone to practice my English with. If you are down to that, let me know. My hobbies are reading novel and watching some movies (mostly horror and thriller). I speak Indonesian obviously, and learning Chinese also French at the moment. Look forward to hearing from you.

Registration: 3rd May 2021

Celine Endara, F, 2002, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey!, my name is celine, i’m looking for pen pal friends, let’s be friends and sharing our stories together! Can’t wait to see ya. Mari berteman dan menjadi sahabat pena! Saya suka mendengar dan belajar cerita dari sisi pandang orang2 yang berbeda

Registration: 30th April 2021

Pine Ria, F, 2001, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English, Korean
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello! I am Ria from Indonesia and I'm 19 years old. I'm interested in pen pal, is there anyone here who is looking too? I'm always waiting for messages from anyone, let's start conversation and become close friends.

Registration: 28th April 2021

toms, M, 1983, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
wanna make some chat, about movie, traveling, or maybe just want to know bout my country, you can send me some message. oh yeah, i still trying to make my english as fluent as my indonesian, so lets try to make some conversation

Registration: 27th April 2021

Tia, F, 2000, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm Tia From Indonesia and 21. I'm study at college but now study online cause pandemic. I love make friends, don't hesitate to talk to me, i'll reply as soon as possible if i'm not busy. Sometimes I take a long time to reply cause got something to do. But we can be friends, I'll be your good friends. If you have Instagram you can text me there. My IG : dehasuya If you don't have you can email me and we can move to other apps later. I'm glad to see you.

Registration: 23rd April 2021

Shellina, F, 2000, Indonesia
Writing language: English, Arabic, Japanese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi I am shellina....

Registration: 21st April 2021

Farrel, M, 2008, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! My name is Farrel and I come from Indonesia! I wanted to have a pen friend outside my country! Having a pen friend can gives me lots of advantages, like learning something new very well! I can play piano and violin and love classical music a lot! :) But, I still tolerate with everyone else! :D So, can we be friends? Thank you and see you later!

Registration: 17th April 2021

Maryam, F, 1996, Indonesia
Writing language: Indonesian, English, Arabic
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi friends.. I'm Maryam, I from bekasi, indonesia... I like drawing, reading novel, and history.. I glad to have a friend or some friends from another country. and also from Indonesia :) And I am open to send a mail in envelope! Looking forward for your messages. Regards, Maryam

Registration: 13th January 2015      Last change: 8th April 2021

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