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Kitti, F, 2005, Hungary
Writing language: English, Hungarian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I'm Kitti and I'm from Hungary. I hope I'll find some new friend from other countries

Registration: 15th May 2021

Zsófi, F, 2005, Hungary
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! So I'm here because I have no friends in real life because I'm an anxious bitch haha. I'm a metalhead and I love cats. I would say I can draw, but just when I'm angry or nervous so I have a lot of mAsTeRpIeCeS. I don't care if I talk to someone on email or "snail mail" (haha this sounds funny), because I just want to talk to someone without meeting haha I don't really know what to write here so if you like me in some mysterious ways pls reach out for meeeeeeeeeee.

Registration: 2nd May 2021

Cecília, F, 1991, Hungary
Writing language: English, Hungarian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi Everyone! My name is Ceca and I'd like to open my world a bit. I have lived in Hungary in my whole life but recently I've been wondering about other places I've never seen before. I just want to get to know people and understand different cultures, political structures and society as well. Mostly, I'm interested in British Islands and the Northern European area. (But please, don't hesitate if you are from other part of the world, I have no expectations.;-)) You can write me if you - are in mood to chatting after a hard (working) day, - are in mood to chatting before a hard (working) day :-D, - would like to communicate with a person who loves meaningful long conversations about psychology, philosophy, history, politics, literature and additonal deep s*it.:-D, - are a huge fan of dark/gothic metal, new wave etc. As you can see, my English skills are limited, but I promise I'll do my best.;-) I would be grateful, if you could help me to improve my English. Have a good day!

Registration: 28th April 2021

Patrik, M, 2001, Hungary
Writing language: English, Hungarian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello everyone! My name is Patrik 19 years old guy from Hungary. I want find nice people around the world. I love listen to music, especially oldscool hiphop and rap, but I listen everything. I like read books, but some times not enough my free time. Don't hesitate text me!

Registration: 27th April 2021

Bogi, F, 2004, Hungary
Writing language: English, Hungarian, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey! I'm Bogi :D and I'm quite introverted (I'm an INFJ. If you don't know what that is, that's a personality type:) ). I love reading and would love to talk to you about your favourite books and series. I would be interested in sending letters to each other, but if you just want to chat online that's fine too. I live in Hungary but I've been learning English for a long time. I started learning German a year ago so I'm not really good at it. I also love to talk about the environment and other topics that interests you. One of my dreams is to travel so I would love to hear stories about your adventures! :3 Feel free to email me if you'd like or text me on my Whatsapp. My number is: +36 30 254 8275. Have a lovely day! :)

Registration: 30th June 2020      Last change: 19th April 2021

Nori, F, 2004, Hungary
Writing language: English, Hungarian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi! My name is Nori(Nono). I'm a sixteen year old girl from Hungary. Honestly, I don't know what to write because I've never done this before but I thought I would try ... I'm looking for a penfriend from any country in the world. I love arts, books, sports(I'm a figure skater), animals, different cultures and languages. I like to write novels and poems and i also like to travel. I love music and singing. That is all I would write about myself for now. Feel free to write to me and I will answer to you as soon as I can. Have a wonderful day! Nori

Registration: 11th January 2021      Last change: 22nd March 2021

Mona, F, 2006, Hungary
Writing language: English, German, Hungarian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I'm Mona! I like books, computer games, music, soccer and adventures.I' m here cuz I like to make new friends all over the world, and practice my english and german. There are a few more things, I like to do, but I think, You do't want to read it, so I won't write it in here. If You want to know these things or just me better, write to me! I hope I get you first message as soon as possible. Till then best wishes and take care! :D

Registration: 19th March 2021

Noémi, F, 2000, Hungary
Writing language: English, Italian, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
I would love to know new people and practice my english.

Registration: 3rd March 2021

Vas Erik, M, 1992, Hungary
Writing language: Hungarian, Japanese, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello! 1992- I'm Erik from Hungary. I'm a bmx rider I love cycling, anime, manga, drawing, BMX. I recently started learning Japanese . It’s hard enough, but I want to speak Japanese. I want to get to japan then . If you think so, write to me ! :)

Registration: 2nd March 2021

Bogi, F, 2006, Hungary
Writing language: Hungarian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey I'm Bogi. I really love music. My fav artists : Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn, Niall Horan, Liam Payne. Yeah I'm a really big fan of One direction. I draw a lot and paint. I love cats but the other animals ehh. all the love H.

Registration: 24th February 2021

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