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Irem, F, 2000, Turkey
Writing language: English, Turkish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, i am Irem from Turkey. I started high scholl. I like swimming, dancing, playing guitar and keyboard, coocking, reading novels and doing experiments. I like korean, chinese and japenese cultures. I want to improve my language with you. Write me. I'll be waiting for u :D

Registration: 12th September 2014

Celal, M, 1996, Turkey
Writing language: English, Turkish, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi i am Celal i am from Turkey i can't speak english very well so i will try this practice

Registration: 11th September 2014

melih tuncel, M, 1987, Turkey
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
I am curious about cultures of other countries, what do you eat, what do you drink, what are favourites etc. I entered Here because of these

Registration: 11th September 2014

Zeyd, M, 1998, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi Everybody !! My name is Zeyd. I'm from istanbul in Turkey.I'm studying Sabiha Gokcen High School. My department is Aircraft Maintenance. I have to learn english.My height is 1,94 M. I usually play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games especially LoL. My aim is Improve my english as a professional because my department needs to acedemical English. And my other purpose is learn other cultures. I'm watching TV series for example Teen Wolf,Supernatural,Doctor Who etc. . Please write back to me. Don't be shy. As we know, We are the humans.

Registration: 18th July 2014      Last change: 11th September 2014

Recep, M, 1990, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English, Arabic
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello World.

Registration: 10th September 2014

Güneş Ayyıldız , F, 1999, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey, I'm Gunes! I'm 15 years old and from Turkey. I go to a German school and try to improve my German. I like reading, listening to music and drawing. I've never had a penfriend before and I thought it was a good idea to register and communicate with people from other countries. Girl or boy, doesn't matter. If you're around my age and interested in having a pen friend, please write me back!

Registration: 10th September 2014

Derin, F, 1997, Turkey
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, there! I m from Turkey and i love travelling, speaking with people from different countries:) I love music especially rock, taking nature photos, books and films, playing drums and hanging with friends. Love travelling so I wanna improve my english a lot. And one day, i m gonna travel all around the world! So, write me:) Best Wishes!

Registration: 11th January 2014      Last change: 9th September 2014

hasan, M, 1987, Turkey
Writing language: English, Turkish
Correspondence: e-mail
hello everybody i dont know how tell about me.i want a penfriend for friendship.i go to fine art universty i love painting.if you want we will meet:)only friend :
Click here to see my picture

Registration: 8th April 2008      Last change: 9th September 2014

Ulas korkmaz, M, 1983, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English, Russian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello , my name is Ulas from Turkey. I like traveling and learn new people from all over the world. I am officer and enough sources fo traveling with you.Before I have been Paris , cyprus, bulgaria, and greece. I want to see barcelona , london , eygpt. If you want please connect with me. I am a trusted people mostly travel with my travel bag , tent and sleeping equipment . I like hostels and hotels according to my sources . Bulgaria for example so cheap I prefer 5 star hotel for 50 eur double room . I feel myself like a king there:) If you want we can go together I hope in the future. I am waiting your reply.Sincerely. Ulas KORKMAZ.

Registration: 8th September 2014

sercan, M, 1992, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English, Spanish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello, My name is Sercan.I'm a male.I lived in Istanbul/Turkey.I studied economics in UPNA in Spain.I was born in 1992.I'm interested in Photoghraphy,Music,Writing and Novels.I wish to have friends all around the world.If you wish,I can write more detailed next time. I am also keen on watching movies,tv series and animes. Travelling is one of my hobbies I was travelling around europe in recent days.I enjoyed much See you soon. Your new friend.

Registration: 11th May 2014      Last change: 7th September 2014

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