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Batuhan, M, 1995, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm Batuhan,18. I'm studying Med. I'm interesting photography. I like watching film, reading book, playing chess... I have an exam on August 27, this exam is Medical Language Exam. And i want to develope my English. I'm a positive person, i like talking and listening. Hope, you will write me :)

Registration: 12th August 2016

irem, F, 1996, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, its Irem. I live in Izmir and study English Language and Literature. As you can guess, I am interested in literature,but also I like cycling,swimming and watching movies. I want to meet new people from all over the world and learn new things about different cultures.Please be around my ages, with my best wishes.

Registration: 11th August 2016

YUNUS, M, 1993, Turkey
Writing language: English, Turkish
Correspondence: e-mail
I am Yunus, I am from Turkey and study at Enlish Language and Literature Deartment. I interested in Literature and Philosophy. I want to meet people in order to speak English and speak about Philisophy. I like metal music and science-fiction movies.
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Registration: 21st April 2013      Last change: 11th August 2016

Ali İzzet, M, 1998, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Well I recently graduated from high school couldn't land in an university so I don't have too much to do around now and this site seemed interesting and I would love to get to know people from any where I could ramble history for days , I can't guarantee the truth to it geez I'm just a graduate. But I would love to listen , or read, to other people rambling about other stuff like sports,art hell maybe even science so write to me I guess.

Registration: 10th January 2016      Last change: 10th August 2016

Birsen, F, 1975, Turkey
Writing language: English, Turkish
Correspondence: e-mail
i want to learn english

Registration: 10th August 2016

Peri, F, 1984, Turkey
Writing language: English, Turkish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi! My name is Peri and I am a teacher of English. I like reading books, listening to music, watching films, travelling and writing letters and postcards. If you are interested in snail mail, please write to me. All the best...

Registration: 14th June 2008      Last change: 10th August 2016

Ayberk onur, M, 2000, Turkey
Writing language: Estonian, Greek
Correspondence: e-mail

Registration: 8th August 2016

YUNUS EMRE, M, 1987, Turkey
Writing language: Turkish, English, Russian
Correspondence: e-mail

Registration: 8th August 2016

MJ, M, 1995, Turkey
Writing language: English, Turkish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hey everyone, it's pleasure to see you reading my profile. Well I'm not actually seeing you right now (or am I? You'll never know). I'm a bookworm geek (and nerd) who studies engineering. Recently I kicked depression in the arse, right now I'm rebuild myself both mentally and physically. I'm a bit lost you know, my religious view, ideologies, life goals I need a renovation. I enjoy regular stuff; reading books, learning a language playing games and working on my evil plan to dominate world. Pretty much same things every regular human being do. But I'm short on friends though, it could be useful to have some so feel free to write. If you are a racist or sexist etc don't bother, just F* off. Postcards are fun. I sometimes reply late. I don't care about your look so feel free to send or not send a picture. Please be around my age (18-23) unless you are a dragon, no age limits for dragons. I'd be really happy if someone help me to learn some drawing skills. Anyways, with my best wishes MJ

Registration: 15th November 2014      Last change: 8th August 2016

Mare, F, 1979, Turkey
Writing language: English, Turkish
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm looking a new friends. I like to learn languages and i hope that soon I will speak English or another language. love good music from 60-70/s, rock and clasic music . Love camping, scuba and love all travelling. Still I want to discover new country' culture' people's. I think that everybody can give something valuable and can enlarge our experiences!!

Registration: 7th August 2016

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