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Mavis, F, 1983, United Kingdom
Writing language: English, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
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Registration: 5th October 2012      Last change: 7th December 2014

kevin, M, 1996, United Kingdom
Writing language: English, French, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
My name is Kevin and I am French, at 12 years old I moved to England and I have been studying there ever since. I am currently 18 and I am looking for a pen friend to practice my French and Spanish Grammar. I enjoy watching Anime and Reading books such as Percy Jackson. I record league of legend, smite and minecraft on YouTube and I tend to love video games.

Registration: 16th February 2014      Last change: 3rd December 2014

Ghazi, M, 1990, United Kingdom
Writing language: English, Hindi, Spanish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Whoever loves to walk, love to think, loves to imagine, loves to know about life, loves to have fun and is willing to know worth of life ...join me in. I love to meet people from all over the world..know more , share more...cheers xx

Registration: 31st October 2014      Last change: 3rd December 2014

Tracy, F, 1973, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: snail mail
My name is Tracy. I live with my fiance of 10 years. I have a love of animals and nature. I have dogs and birds as pets. Although I have kept other pets in the past. I enjoy period dramas and other films and am looking for a pen friend to write to rather than just email. I am not looking for someone who who only wants to write for a few months, Female genuine pen friends only.

Registration: 30th November 2014

Eileen, F, 1959, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I am a Londoner who now is living in Cambridgeshire. I am going to be travelling to China, Bejing and the normal tourist haunts in September 2015, also hoping to visit Tokyo. I am Interested in speaking with Male /females for friendship and meet up when I visit the country.

Registration: 29th November 2014

malcolm, M, 1965, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm looking for friendship anywhere in the world , I'm friendly sociable and a good sense of humour . I love animals , reading and travel also music, plus countryside walking with my dogs .

Registration: 28th November 2014

Nicola, F, 1985, United Kingdom
Writing language: English, French, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi. My name is Nicola and I live in Bournemouth, England. I am working as aa assistant buyer in Clothes retail sales. I am looking for a pen friend from any country. Preferably a male, good guy please :) I am honest, considerate and open minded. I like going out or quiet evenings in. bye! love from Nicola x

Registration: 24th July 2007      Last change: 28th November 2014

Jessica, F, 1993, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I prefer snail-mail because I think it is more exiting to receive letters and postcards etc in the post rather than receiving messages online. I think that by receiving something by post it makes me think that the person is more interested to get to know you. Ive used this website many times in the past and have had pen friends in different countries with whom i still talk to from time to time. Im interested to write to someone in Romania as I recently volunteered in Transylvania for 5 weeks at a summer camp teaching English to 8-18 year olds - on my 5th week I had a holiday in Bucharest for a week with the other volunteers. It would be nice to write letters etc to someone and then be able to meet them next summer when I will go to Romania for 2 months from end of July 2015.

Registration: 26th November 2014

David, M, 1972, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
I am English and would like a female penfriend from the Czech Republic or Slovakia. I am lucky enough to have made a number of friends from these countries and have visited on many occasions, mainly, but not exclusively to Czechia. The more time I spend in this country the more I grow to love it, particularly the countryside. I have just spent some time hiking in Beskydy. It would be nice to have a female companion, even if only in writing, so I can feel closer to this part of the world. I like music, I play a little piano. I enjoy sport, particularly football, running and badminton, and I love to hike, especially up mountains. Please write to me!
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Registration: 9th October 2004      Last change: 25th November 2014

Dean, M, 1982, United Kingdom
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi there lovely! Hard to sum everything up in just few words...Ok, here goes...I am 33 yo independent, fun loving guy from Devon. Yeah I am bit of a geek, I like books and games But apart from all that I love traveling. I've been to USA, Portugal, Cuba, France, and regularly go to Spain. I love sightseeing and meeting new people, exploring new tastes and cultures. I'm really passionate about helping others and giving out that positive vibe to the world. I work for Dane Hannah's at Seal hayne it's a charity that works with people with disabilities. I have my own radio show that I run from there. just message me and say HI...Who knows what could happen?

Registration: 21st January 2012      Last change: 23rd November 2014

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