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Ayman , M, 2002, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello. My name is Ayman Mohamed, I am from Alexandria, Egypt. I am looking for pen friends in order to have talks in English and also to improve the way of expressing what I feel and what think, added that I am passionate with the British accent. I am interesting in theater, reading books either in English or favorite field of science is physics, and chemistry especially in Quantum. On the other hand, I am 16 years old, I am in high school, Grade 10.

Registration: 15th February 2019

Noha, F, 1987, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Looking for a friend to share my day events with

Registration: 14th February 2019

Ahmed, M, 1998, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English, French
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, My name is Ahmed , I'm an 20 years old student from Egypt. I am a medical student. I love studying medicine and I'm also interested in helping to relieve people's pains. I'm very interested in many other things like Reading, watching documentaries and science fiction. I'd love to know different people from different countries to know more about their lives and the cultural backgrounds of their countries. Waiting for your reply, Greetings from Egypt !

Registration: 17th August 2016      Last change: 11th February 2019

Omar, M, 1996, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey ! I am Omar 21 years old from Egypt , I like reading and listening to music and playing football , I am looking for a long term friendship , no matter your gender, your nationality, your colour, your beliefs , just feel free and text me don't be shy. notice : I don't bite

Registration: 6th October 2015      Last change: 11th February 2019

mustafa, M, 1999, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
i'm a student at the faculty of engineering . i live in cairo and i love electronics and robotics and travelling. i love marvel movies (specially iron man). i love music ( avicii,alan walker,imagine dragons,enrique Iglesias) I don't know what elae to write why won't you send me an email to know more.

Registration: 14th December 2018      Last change: 11th February 2019

Shihab, M, 2002, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello ! My name is Shihab a 16 years old boy from Egypt. I can't introduce myself well but I will try... I like reading, running, listening to music, thinking much, writing, Singing, talking, marking conversations with strange people and learning much about many different things in life. I like fantasy, people who are closed to me say to me that I have a good imagination. I can speak Arabic and English. But I would like to speak many languages, because i wanna be a translator. I love football, I support Real Madrid but I respect all teams as well. I would like to have a great friend and long term friendship. I don't like short answers, I like long conversations. I like using emoji too. I like traveling much and discovering new places but unfortunately it happens rarely. Send me message and let's start a conversation . Have a nice day!!

Registration: 23rd February 2016      Last change: 9th February 2019

Abdulrahman, M, 2000, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English, French
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello everyone! My name is Abdulrahman Almahdy I'm from Egypt I'd love to make friends of different nationalities.I love talking about cultures,civilizations, and music.the most important thing is to talk so we can communicate,exchange ideas,cultures and information about each other's life and also eliminate the misconceptions .My hobbies are pretty simple I love watching (TV series,anime and movies),reading ( Arabic novels especially as we have in Egypt great novelists like Naguib Mahfuz),learning somehting new like languages etc and I love acting as well (but I'm terrible at it :D) I like both snail mail and email but I prefer snail mail more I think it is more valuable and makes you feel the old things Send me if you'd like to be my friend S.Y. Bye :)

Registration: 11th February 2018      Last change: 8th February 2019

Fares, M, 2001, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, everyone I'm Fares from Egypt my hobbies are playing sports, reading, writing on internet, and playing video games I like making friendships from all over the world "long-term friendships" I'm ready to talk to anyone I like someone who would be very talkative I will be happy to chat on whatsapp NOT EMAILS that's more comfortably we can then exchange our Instagrams or Facebooks I will be waiting for you! Write me if you are interested!!

Registration: 24th March 2016      Last change: 6th February 2019

Lily ay, F, 1991, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey! it is Lily :). I am a twenty eight year old teacher of English. I live in Egypt. I am into reading and watching movies BIG TIME :D.Meeting new people is one of my hobbies as I am interested in exchanging cultures and traditions.

Registration: 6th February 2019

Abdallah, M, 1996, Egypt
Writing language: Arabic, English, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, how are you? . I hope you are well and happy, let me introduce myself first, I am Fadaly, a student at Alexandria university, Egypt. I am and ambitious student with too many dreams, one of these dreams is to meet friends from allover the world and know about all the cultures, I am very interested in meeting friends from different backgrounds and share with them my culture and traditions and so do they, I will also gladly open myself to learn your language or learn u mine if you want, I am seeking true friendship with unconditional love and no benefits, to have a friend from another country -true friend- would be a great thing for me, I am an open minded person who is ready to talk with you about any thing, who is ready to be really your friend, . I wish you send me soon information about you. i love music, reading, sports, series, learning new things and know more about other cultures.

Registration: 2nd February 2019

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