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Akash, M, 1998, Bangladesh
Writing language: English, Bengali (Bangla)
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! I'm Akash. I'm 23 and come from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Apart from Bangla (my mother tongue) and English, I can speak a bit of Urdu and Hindi! My interests comprehend any kind of literature and poetry, writing, art and music. I'm so interested to talk with new people to have some nice talks and to expand my horizon. Stay safe. Peace be upon you.

Registration: 1st April 2020      Last change: 1st March 2021

Shohan, M, 1998, Bangladesh
Writing language: Bengali (Bangla), English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I am in search of myself. Yet, I am a good listener rather than a story teller. you can find me here if you have anything to share.

Registration: 24th February 2021

RUBEL MOHAMMED, M, 1992, Bangladesh
Writing language: English, Arabic, Bengali (Bangla)
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Sex and city

Registration: 4th February 2021

Toyon, M, 2002, Bangladesh
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello, I am Toyon from Bangladesh. I am seeking a pen pal who is willing to communicate for a long time. I am a student of 11th grade. Nothing is more important to me than being a good human. That's all about me. If you wanna be my friend, plz mail me to: ""

Registration: 10th November 2020      Last change: 24th January 2021

Noor, F, 1997, Bangladesh
Writing language: English, Bengali (Bangla), French
Correspondence: e-mail
This is Noor. A troubled soul who loves writing long letters and emails than messenger chats over social media. An old school soul trapped in these millennial era ! I believe movies have the essence of life and each good movies inspire, influence me more than anything. So, I'm a movie lover not an addict ! I also love books , travelling and a good gossip over politics(not practice it though) . And, also I'm a feminist, ofcourse not like one everyone uses foolishly as a slang. I believe having equal rights of opinion, honorary and respect are some basic need of a human being. Regardless of gender.. !

Registration: 16th December 2020      Last change: 23rd January 2021

Ishtiaque , M, 1996, Bangladesh
Writing language: Bengali (Bangla), English, Hindi
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! Never tried this before, hope to have a good experience

Registration: 22nd January 2021

Mohammad Anowar Hossain , M, 1978, Bangladesh
Writing language: Bengali (Bangla), English, Arabic
Correspondence: e-mail
hi I am Mohammad Anowar Hossain Sardar from Bangladesh want to make friendship with penal and I am interested to know about different kind of people and to write exchange language also.I am one of graduate person bechelor of science degree holder and can speak five language.

Registration: 2nd January 2021

Someone, M, 1990, Bangladesh
Writing language: Bengali (Bangla), English
Correspondence: e-mail
I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have always had an interest in making a penfriend. There is nothing much to say about myself. I am quite simple. Hope to find a penfriend here very soon.

Registration: 18th December 2020

Raisa, F, 2001, Bangladesh
Writing language: Bengali (Bangla), English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
An ambivert, messy writer and always out of topic.

Registration: 2nd July 2020      Last change: 9th December 2020

Rafi Ahmed, M, 1984, Bangladesh
Writing language: Bengali (Bangla), English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, I am Rafi from Bangladesh. I want to make pen friends all over the world. My hobby is travelling, listening music. I am a very good minded and anyone can write to me and I must reply you.

Registration: 2nd November 2020

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