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AnnaKlara, F, 1982, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Spring is coming, it is a good sign to start your brand new life. Let's have fun together, but we are not going to play with the bricks Lego. I am here and you are there, how about becoming bestfriends. Do not waste your time and be like Ethan Hunt. It is simple than you think. Click, but make it quick. I am sun, I am rain, but I will never like wind go away. Do not be lonely and move your ass , but do not disguise. Green leaves on the street and you are hiding from me. Wear your wellingtons, take the umbrella and be my Prince Frog or even better, James Bond. Sun makes fun, fog prevents me from walking with my dog, clouds make rain and Ireland and Scotland make me feel like Hooray! . This is me, how about you, my dear Yogi Boo. Boo. Do not go to sleep and join to me with your magic click as quick but not harmful as sting. Make a magical trick that will connect us, you do not need a pass, only move your ass, because you do not play on bass.

Registration: 27th January 2021      Last change: 24th February 2021

Julia, F, 1996, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi! I'm Julia. I'm vet student. I'm interested in crocheting, reading books. I've got a cat and live in Lublin with my fiance . Because the lockdown I have far less motivation for anything but want to change it. I'm looking for a person that will help me improving my english (but not necessarily) and talk about everything openly. I want to find someone nice who will tell me something about his life and his country - modern history, culture :)

Registration: 27th December 2020      Last change: 23rd February 2021

Marek, M, 1973, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English, Arabic
Correspondence: e-mail
I am in my late forties, single, living in Poland. I am looking for someone to practice my English by sharing views and learning about one another's cultures. I am interested in history and arts.

Registration: 7th February 2021

Zuzanna , F, 2005, Poland
Writing language: English, Polish
Correspondence: e-mail
My name is Zuza and I'm a 15 years old girl from Poland, it's that country where Chopin or Maria Sklodowska-Curie were born. I love books, food, coffee and beautiful photos. I'm very ambitious but a little too lazy. I love bts. I'm not a fan of other kpop groups yet but I want to get to know some of them, I'm sure they're good! I've started watching anime, but I've not watched a lot. And I love kdramas! Recently I've started learning korean, but I'm like a beginner-beginner, I'm practising my reading and pronunciation, you know. Well I'm s h y and and a little awkard when I don't know someone but I promise I'll try my best!! Have a good day/night!!

Registration: 4th February 2021

Edyta, F, 1979, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, My name is Edyta. I'm looking for friends all over the world. Write me :):):)

Registration: 8th February 2020      Last change: 3rd February 2021

Maria, F, 1977, Poland
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I would like to meet people from all over the world to share some experiences, thoughts and ideas. Anything can be of great interest for me. Maria

Registration: 3rd February 2021

Monika, F, 1998, Poland
Writing language: English, French, Spanish
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi there! Being kind of stuck at home, I once again decided to reach out to people from around the world here. Despite being an introvert, I miss music festivals and travels very much. In my spare time I obsessively create Spotify playlists, draw in my sketchbook, cook&bake, enjoy forest walks and try to find time to catch up on my reading list, but I keep watching Netflix instead. At the moment I study game design, learn Norwegian on my own and keep expanding my understanding of yoga, ayurveda and some eastern spirituality (and I'm still figuring out how to combine it with my scientific interests such as neurobiology and psychiatry). I'd love to practice my writing languages and I will gladly talk about everything and nothing. Take care!

Registration: 19th April 2015      Last change: 26th January 2021

Rafal, M, 1975, Poland
Writing language: Polish, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello. My name is Rafal. I like travelling, practice sport (tennis, snowboard, walking, cycling), watching films and read historical books. I interested in what's going on in foreign affairs and politics. I have got two children, a 17 years old daughter and 15 years old son. I also have a dog (Australian Sheppard), which I like very much. I try to be open-minded. I'm working for a local city as a project manager in the field of vocational learning. I'm trying to equip the schools in new machines, set up good cooperation with local entrepreneurs and organise job training. I prefer e-mail than a snail-mail because is quicker. I can use skype, what's up, Messenger but I have same speaking difficulty after medical treatment and I could be difficult to understand.

Registration: 18th January 2021

Joanna, F, 1995, Poland
Writing language: German, English, Polish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hallo! Ich bin Joanna und ich komme aus Polen. Ich bin 25 Jahre alt. Jetzt wohne ich in Berlin und studiere hier. Ich mache Master in Informatik. Ich reise, tanze und schwimme gern. Ich möchte neue Leute kennenzulernen. Ich habe hier vor ein paar Jahren eine gute Freundin gefunden und wir haben ein paar mal uns getroffen! Ich möchte das noch einmal machen. Deswegen suche ich für Freunde wer werden nicht nur ein paar Email schreiben und verschwinden, aber Freunde für viele Jahren :) Ich freue mich dich kennenzulernen. Schreib mir! :)

Registration: 21st August 2011      Last change: 16th January 2021

Joanna, F, 1993, Poland
Writing language: English, Polish, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Hey! My name is Joanna, nice to meet you :) In my free time I like reading books, learning foreign languages, travelling and meeting new people. I'd like to meet people in order to exchange some thoughts. I can speak English and French and Polish of course (if you learn Polish I will be glad to exchange mails in Polish :) Hope to hear from you soon!

Registration: 14th November 2010      Last change: 12th January 2021

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