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Nora, F, 2004, Netherlands
Writing language: English, Dutch
Correspondence: e-mail
hi there, i'm searching for a friend. I have just a lot of not important things going on inside my head, but i don't feel like i can tell it to anyone around me, so i hope i can tell you. i like to listen as well. Beside that i would like to talk about anything. I love kpop (i'm stay, army and my day (and phan), harry potter, reading, i play the piano, i love to draw. Also, it would be great if you're part of the lgbtq+ community. well, it doesn't really matter, let's just be good friends.

Registration: 8th December 2018

mila, F, 2000, Netherlands
Writing language: Dutch, English
Correspondence: e-mail
hee, i'm mila and i'm 18 year old. I want someone where I can be good friends with and talk about every thing. I like music (kpop) and dancing. I sit on a college where I act, dance and sing (I can't sing tho). We can write with e-mail or write each other letters that's fun too :) I would love to be friends, write me

Registration: 30th November 2018

Berke, M, 1994, Netherlands
Writing language: Dutch, French, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello penfriends :) I am from Volendam/ Netherlands..... Gender, age, physical type, educational status, nation, ethnicity, religion are not important for me ........then what are you looking for? just write me :) ! Thanks

Registration: 14th January 2015      Last change: 23rd November 2018

Frederieke, F, 2002, Netherlands
Writing language: Dutch, English
Correspondence: snail mail
Hey! I am a 16 y/o girl from the Netherlands and I’m looking for penpal friends. I’d really like to send letters to people, and learn more about others culture and daily life. I really like kpop, metalcore, rock music, nature, studying, redecorationg my room, coffee and just having a good time. I feel like having friends in other countries can broaden my knowledge! If you have similar interests and are around my age (15-18), hmu! :)

Registration: 18th November 2018

Denise, F, 2001, Netherlands
Writing language: Dutch
Correspondence: e-mail
Heeii, ik ben Denise, 17 jaar en studeer communicatie. Ik hou van stappen, muziek luisteren tijd doorbrengen met mijn vriend en met vriendinnen. Klinkt misschien een beetje oppervlakkig maar dat ben ik totaal niet. Ik zoek een penvriend omdat het me gewoon leuk lijkt om iemand te leren kennen op deze bijzondere manier. Ik zoek naar iemand tussen de 17 en 24 omdat dit de leeftijdscategorie is van de mensen met wie ik om ga. Het liefst zou ik een jongen als penvriend willen omdat ik meestal met jongens beter kan praten. Aarzel niet en schrijf me!

Registration: 24th October 2018

veerle, F, 2004, Netherlands
Writing language: Dutch, English
Correspondence: e-mail
i'm 14 years old and like to listen to music, read and play games. Looking for someone to chat with about stuff.

Registration: 15th October 2018

Jeroen, M, 1997, Netherlands
Writing language: English, Dutch
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi there, Im jeroen from the netherlands, at the moment im learning japanese. I love movies , music and learning about the world. Im looking for some friends all over the world.

Registration: 11th October 2018

Tristan, M, 2001, Netherlands
Writing language: Dutch, English, Portuguese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I'm a guy that likes to meet new and interesting foreign people. I really like people from East Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Hungaria, Bulgaria etc. I love to invite a foreign friend over, or visit one. I recently returned from a visit to a friend in Crete and Sweden. I love to see new places with local people and learn about different cultures. Im sorry but I prefer to correspond with Europeans, since its more likely to meet them, than an African for instance... anyway, I will reply anyone :) and don't be afraid to write.I dont bite... hard :p I will post a picture soon!!

Registration: 5th June 2005      Last change: 4th October 2018

Eelkje, F, 2003, Netherlands
Writing language: English, Dutch
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I'm Eelkje and I'm 14 years old, almost 15. I would really like to have a pen friend with who I can talk about all kinds of stuff. I like to listen to music, watch movies, read books and I play the flute. I also like to get to know different people and cultures. I'm looking for anybody to write with, because I love writing and I would like to get new friends!

Registration: 25th September 2018

Cynthia, F, 1977, Netherlands
Writing language: English, German, Dutch
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, I'm looking for FEMALE PALS only!!! My hobbies are: my guinea-pigs, knitting, writing and I'm studying German. Looking for sincere pals only, aged between 30 and 60 years old. Bye from NL! Yours Cynthia

Registration: 30th September 2015      Last change: 18th September 2018

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