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Ryota, M, 1993, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello!=konnitiha! ( 0 o 0 ) / Nice to meet you!=hazimemashite! My name is Ryota. I am Japanese. Japanese is very good! Please become friends with me! Favorite thing: climbing. Outdoor. Skiing. cuisine. Photo. Anime. Cartoon. Travel. others. I like to take pictures. I think that I often send pictures to you. Japan has four seasons and each season has a different climate. In Japanese, there are three types of written characters, which are kanji, hiragana and katakana. The kimono is the traditional Japanese national costume. We take off our shoes when entering a house. Natto is fermented soybeans. Japanese comic books, called manga, are an important part of our culture. I am working. Reply may be delayed. Please drink some tea and wait. ( - o - ) _ [ ]"" Please feel free to contact me. Please email me ( o _ o ) //Bye bye

Registration: 28th October 2017      Last change: 3rd December 2018

Saki, F, 1977, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English
Correspondence: snail mail
Hello,I'm 40 years old married woman.Do you like reading? I do.Do you like handwritten letters ?I do it too.I'd love to exchange letters talking about our everyday life,hobbies and why not,even at hard time.I'll be happy to be a long term friend.

Registration: 13th January 2018      Last change: 30th November 2018

Kentaro, M, 2001, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm Kentaro and a high schooler from Japan.. My hobbies and interests are cats, books, ancient ruins, museum, library, classical music, European folk songs and dances, tennis and so on.. Please knock on my door if you think we can enjoy emailing

Registration: 16th June 2017      Last change: 29th October 2018

Yutaro, M, 1995, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, Russian, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Looking for long-term friendships and opportunities to improve my Russian and German skills:))

Registration: 18th October 2018

Hiyori, F, 2001, Japan
Writing language: English, Japanese
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I'm Hiyori. I'm seventeen years old. I like music and play the guitar. I want you to be my penfriend.

Registration: 2nd October 2018

Rafael, M, 1968, Japan
Writing language: English, Spanish, Japanese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi there... At first, thank you very much for this chance for to start to exchange emails and to create gradually a good friendship. My name is Rafael, I am nikkei-jin. Actually I am living with my family here in Japan (Osaka area) but I work in Kobe. My native language is the Spanish.. I can understand english and a bit japanese. I am 50 years old but my look is younger.. may be 40 years old.. healthy foods is the secret, It is true ! I like nature, cycling, shopping, traveling, watches, movies, walking, spending time in Starbucks and more. Of course, If you wish I can teach you Spanish. So, let`s exchange some emails and to build a good friendship. Take care and Thank you !! Rafael...!!!! I have LINE too.

Registration: 18th August 2018

Aika, F, 1997, Japan
Writing language: English, Japanese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello there. My name is Aika from Japan. I'm looking for friends and finding someone who can help my English learning too. I like listening to music(metal, rock and pop), watching movies and traveling.

Registration: 10th June 2014      Last change: 12th August 2018

Yuka, F, 1994, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I like talking with people who have different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. I’ve been to Fiji and learned English in language school but it’s been a couple of years since I left the languages school so I feel I’m forgetting English conversation. It’s still difficult in Japan to practice English conversation everyday. That’s why I wanna meet new friend and learn language through this website . Nice to see you and please feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading till the end.

Registration: 11th August 2018

Rin, F, 1993, Japan
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Konnichiwa! You can call me Rin. I'm from Philippines but as you can see, I'm very much interested in everything about Japan. Things I like are cats, photography, designing, web surfing, cooking, making music, watching anime, reading manga, karaoke, road trips and coffee. Feel free to message me. I'm working so I apologize in advance for the delay. I hope we can become good friends!

Registration: 15th July 2018

Nao, F, 1976, Japan
Writing language: English
Correspondence: snail mail
I'm 41 year old single woman from Japan. My hobbies are reading the books, going to museums, writing letters and cinema. I would like to have penfriends in the world. If you are interested in writing letters, please message me.

Registration: 4th July 2018

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