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Kayo, F, 1977, Japan
Writing language: English, Japanese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello there, Writing with people from different cultures has always been one of my biggest interests. I'm happy to have this opportunity to get to know someone through this who would otherwise never cross my path. I'm a Japanese female, 37 married with a son living in Tokyo. I have no real hobbies worth mentioning but I love reading. Which is something I do every day. I've been traveling a lot but these days I just can't afford the time or energy to do it since I have a terrible two ( and some even say that three is even more terrible than two... scary stuff scary stuff...) I'm not looking for romance or someone to hang around with. I really mean it. I'm not bored. I simply enjoy writing with people from different cultures. If you are interested in writing with a 37 year old married Japanese person, drop me a line.

Registration: 12th October 2013      Last change: 27th July 2015

Aoi, F, 1996, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, Mandarin, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I'm Aoi. I was born in Japan but I'm living in China now because of my father's work. I'm good at both Japanese and Chinese so I can teach you or communicate with you these two languages if you want. I love music, cooking, traveling and any creative things. I want to know someone who loves his/her life and ready to share with others. You can contact me whoever you are or whatever status you stay in cause I'm not care about that.:)

Registration: 11th July 2015

Sato, M, 1963, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, I have been many countirs in Europe. I'd like to be more pals who can sometimes exchange emails about our daily lifves . I also want to improve my English. Since I started to plant many herbs and vegetables in my small garden, I have felt grateful for the blessings of nature. I have two daughters. I live in the north of Tokyo. Best regards, Sato

Registration: 1st July 2015

Mari, F, 1997, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, there! I'm Japanese college student. I like travel! One day I'd like to make a trip around the world. And I play the cymbal at the Drum&Bugle Corps. So I like music too:)

Registration: 26th June 2015

Tomonori, M, 1996, Japan
Writing language: English, Czech, Japanese
Correspondence: snail mail
Hello. I'm Tomo. 18years old. I'm Japanese. And now I'm exchange student. I'm studying at Czech Republic! But I'll go back soon. So I want to write Czech or English! I like books, movies, traveling,writing letters, studying languages and music. I can play the guitar and piano.

Registration: 24th May 2015      Last change: 11th June 2015

Masayo, F, 1993, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English, Chinese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, I am Masayo from Japan. I am doing nursing studies, and like shopping, talking! Forgot, love traveling!! Please feel free to talk with me, would be glad to talk with many new friends! Thanks.

Registration: 25th May 2015

Mayumi , F, 1972, Japan
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello. I'm single Japanese woman. I'm interested in UK but I've never been there. So I'd like to make friends with someone who tells me about UK. I like films, tea, travelling, sewing... tell me about you and your country.

Registration: 22nd May 2015

Hiyori, F, 2001, Japan
Writing language: English, Japanese
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi, my name is Hiyori form Japan. I'm 14 years old. My hobby is trekking. I love nature. I want to have some penfreinds from over the world. (10-14 years old) I'm waiting for your e-mail.

Registration: 15th September 2013      Last change: 6th May 2015

masami, F, 1965, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm Masami,from Japan. I'm looking for a pen-friend who is interested in Japan from all over the world. I Would like to improve my English so that would be great If we could exchange language and culture,also would like to hear about your lifestyle as well. My English is not so good but I want a pen friend who stimulate each other. I should introduce my self a little bit. I'm 49years old, and single mother. My doughter is 19years old, college student. I'm a kidergarden's teacher. I like traveling and playing tennis. I live in Kobe - it is located around sea. That's a beautiful city. Why don't you be a pen pal with me?k

Registration: 5th May 2015

airi, F, 1981, Japan
Writing language: Japanese, English
Correspondence: snail mail
My name is airi and I am a female from Japan. I am looking for snail mail penpals from foreign countries.My hobbies are walking,travelling,sightseeing around Kyoto,writing,talking,reading and more! I really love to go out and to walk! I am sometimes funny and sometimes really serious but so talkative:)I am really interested in other countries and want to have snai mail penpals from other countries.Especially I want to have penpals who write middle-long letters. I don't like short letters but I cannot write loong letters,so middle-long letters are good for me!Snail mails are more personal than e-mail,isn't it?It would be nice to swap small things like chocolates,photos, etc...when we become close:) I am looking forward to hearing from you! Write to me Soon!! Sorry but No Male penpals and No romance mailr,please.I am married and not interested in romance.

Registration: 21st August 2009      Last change: 2nd May 2015

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