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Anett, F, 1998, Hungary
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
My english isn't perfect, but I'm here, so let's talk a little. I'm looking for a penfriend..One day I want to learn Russian, Arabic and Swedish, one day. I like animals so much, I like watching horror movies and thriller. Oh and of course I am a wannabeartist, just kidding. I can't paint or draw, I just write some tales, poems and my camera is my best friend. ..Yes.. I need friends... :D

Registration: 23rd August 2017

Ivett, F, 1997, Hungary
Writing language: English, German, Hungarian
Correspondence: e-mail
I am a 20-year-old girl from Hungary. I am studying History at univiersity. I am interested in History, languages, horses. I collect postcards and fridge magnets. My hobbies are reading and cycling. :)

Registration: 16th August 2017

Attila, M, 1995, Hungary
Writing language: English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi Everyone, I'm Attila from Hungary and I'm 22 years old. I'm looking for penfriends from around the world. :) I live in a big city, called Debrecen. And I attend the University of Debrecen, on IT Engineer class. I like playing football, riding a bike, playing computer games, computer programming and listening to music. I am friendly, reliable and funny person. Let's talk! ;)

Registration: 19th August 2012      Last change: 15th August 2017

Szilvia, F, 1995, Hungary
Writing language: Hungarian, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi! If you want a penfriend, write me :)

Registration: 17th March 2017      Last change: 11th August 2017

judit, F, 1972, Hungary
Writing language: Spanish, German, Hungarian
Correspondence: e-mail
En cierto sentido, no hay gente aburrida. Pero hay personas que me parecen aburridas. Y hay personas a las que yo les parezco aburrida. La belleza esta en los ojos de quien la contempla. Lo mismo puede decirse del aburrido. Hay personas que me parecen interesantes y que a los demas les parecen aburridas. Eso no dice nada de estas personas. Eso dice mucho mas de mi y de los demas. I enjoy learning languages by myself. Unfortunately, I discovered it too late. I am an introvert who likes plants. Busco amigos y amigas que hablen espanol y/o quieran aprender aleman o hungaro.

Registration: 12th November 2007      Last change: 3rd August 2017

Laszlo, M, 1996, Hungary
Writing language: Hungarian, English, German
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi everyone! My name is Laszlo. I am 21 years old boy.I live in Hungary in a small village. I'm intersted in making acquaintance from all over the world. My English and German knowledges are not the best, but it also is a reason why I'm looking for a pen friend. I am searching similar ages people, whose keen on the culture, history, books and people.

Registration: 20th September 2014      Last change: 2nd August 2017

Kamilla, F, 2000, Hungary
Writing language: English, Hungarian
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi Everybody, I'm a sensitive girl who likes a lot of things. For example, I'm girly, but I'm interested in cars. Also I watch a lot of football and love shopping. My lifegoal is to travel as much as I can! My favourite series are Riverdale and The100. I'd like to talk with someone who wants to talk with me:) I also have some other accounts where we can. Feel free to write me, it doesnt matter where are you from. I thought about chatting with a 14-20 years old.

Registration: 2nd June 2016      Last change: 2nd August 2017

Zsuzsi, F, 2001, Hungary
Writing language: English, Hungarian
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi guys, I'm Zsuzsi, or just Zsu, and I'm from Hungary. Its such a beautiful country that you should definitely visit it sometimes. I'm a really scattered person, I want to say things so fast (before I forget them) so sometimes I don't really pay attention for the grammar. Soooooorry. I don't have any future plans, I only know that I want to travel a lot. I love discovering new countries, cultures, even small things (e.g a new coffee shop in my town). Oh, and my favourite food is chicken with curry. In my opinion its important to know other people's number-one food. Right? I can talk about everything, so if you want to discuss the latest world news, or just tell somebody what happened with you today, or things like these, I'm here.:)

Registration: 28th July 2017      Last change: 31st July 2017

Franciska, F, 1999, Hungary
Writing language: English, German, Spanish
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello future penfriend :) my name is Franciska and im a 18 years old girl from Hungary. im keen on dancing, making videos, taking photos, reading, exploring mysterious places..... I would like to find long-term friendships from Europe and America :) "be who you are.... because you never know who would like to get to know the person you hide" thanks for viewing my ad :)

Registration: 11th April 2017      Last change: 29th July 2017

Lilla, F, 2001, Hungary
Writing language: Hungarian, English, French
Correspondence: e-mail
Younger than 25...?

Registration: 21st July 2017

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