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Carmen, F, 1989, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese, French
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi all, my name is Carmen. I love literature, philosophy (this was my major study in college), cooking, art house movies and music. I am also interested in learning languages. I have been learning French for a while since college. I would like to make friends from different places and get to know about different languages and cultures. If you share the same hobbies with me, feel free to contact me!

Registration: 25th April 2011      Last change: 16th February 2018

Kate, F, 1995, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, French, Japanese
Correspondence: snail mail
Hello ! My name is Kate and I studied Politics, so I am interested in global affairs and social issues. I am open-minded and quite well-informed. In this age of information overload, I think if we put the effort into writing a real letter, we shouldn't write about something as can be told by Wikipedia... I am more interested about what you think, what you feel and why. I promise never to judge, only try to understand. I value long term friendships but I don't have any expectations :) Anyone (regardless of age, sex, origin ... etc) is welcome, and if we get along, we will keep writing. I am open. And I genuinely have a passion for writing - I have way too many pens and papers at home ! So please help me use up those letter sets. Haha. Looking forward to hearing back from you. :)

Registration: 14th July 2009      Last change: 15th February 2018

Barry Wong, M, 1999, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English, Mandarin
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello, My name is Barry WONG, I was born in Hong Kong in 1999.Now I am a community college student in Hong Kong. I love Western Culture If you want to have penfriend just feel free to sent me an E-mail and be a friend :D

Registration: 16th December 2013      Last change: 26th January 2018

Ryan, M, 2007, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English, Japanese
Correspondence: e-mail
Hi, my name is Ryan Yeung and I want to find a pen friend.

Registration: 16th January 2018

yoshimei, F, 1952, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese
Correspondence: e-mail
I am 65 years old lady living in Hong Kong. I'd like to have Asian penpals who are about my age. I can write in Chinese and English. My interests are sports like soccer, watching dramas, reading papers and learning languages, Please write to me if you want a friendship. Cheers, Yoshimei

Registration: 16th January 2018

Chuang, M, 2003, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese, German
Correspondence: e-mail
I am Kim from Hong Kong. I want to have new friends and know about other countries' cultures!

Registration: 4th December 2017      Last change: 4th January 2018

Flora, F, 1992, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, German, Mandarin
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I am working in an engineering group as an event coordinator.I like travel, food, music, animals and beauty. I have been to Germany, Austria, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippines and Japan. I graduated from a university in HK. I am leanring German. Let's write to me :)

Registration: 21st July 2012      Last change: 4th December 2017

Kentucky, M, 2000, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
THE ORIGINAL TEXT IS TOO LONG.SO I HAVE TO DO IT IN SHORT, WHAT A DISASTER. (feels bad man) Hello stranger! First of all, i am introducing myself. I am a 17 boy from Hong Kong, lived in Kowloon. I would like to describe myself as a weirdo and childlike. xD. Shy, passionate,easy-going, wild(to closer friends xD). Believed in fantasy, loved to think outside the box but i am slowly losing the ability to it. Working hard for university, wanted to study language and interior design in PolyU. Also working hard to understand myself better. Loved EDM, Anime, Video games, piano, FOOD, name it! But is also curious to all possible knowledge. Would love to have an adventure with you :D. (within Hong Kong of course) COULD WE EXCHANGE CHRISTMAS CARD TOO? PLEASE!!

Registration: 26th November 2017

Shane, F, 1996, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese, Korean
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello there! Ever since I started majoring in Chinese, it has been really rare for me to have to use English. So I thought, hey, maybe I can try talking to some strangers here through emails or something? The plus side of being pen friends with me is that...well, I am kind of surrounded by all kinds of people anyway, so you don't have to afraid that you'd somehow creep me out. And since I am not yet working, I have more time and will reply you real quick. I have a lot of interests, like cooking, traveling, going to movies etc. Other things that you like, I might be interested as well! Just type a few words to me and we're good to go. Just so you know, I'm asexual, and I'm not pretty anyway. So let's just become some kind of friendly strangers/pals. What do you think? :)

Registration: 25th June 2014      Last change: 20th November 2017

Felicity, F, 2003, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English
Correspondence: e-mail
I'm Felicity and I'm from Hong Kong, looking for someone about my age to write to about, well, anything really. I like writing stories, reading, anime and ball games (though I never win lol). If you don't mind someone who has the thinking process of a five-year-old, still has weird fantasies, and tries out the oddest ideas, please write to me!!! Both guys and girls are welcome XD

Registration: 20th November 2017

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