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Kelly, F, 2000, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English
Correspondence: snail mail
Hello!My name is Kelly and I come from Hong Kong!I love dancing, reading and learning languages. For sports, volleyball is my favourite.I enjoy writing letters so I prefer real letters:) I am ready to share every bit of my life with you and introduce our unique culture to you. I'd love to be your penfriend so please email me! Looking forward to hearing from you!!!Just send me an email if you are interested! :D

Registration: 1st May 2017      Last change: 20th September 2020

Isla, F, 2002, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hello! I'm Isla from Hong Kong. I love watching movies, travel vlogs (since I can't afford real travelling lol) and reading books for leisure. If we share similar interests, don't be shy to email me! Even if we don't, we can talk about cultural differences, and it would be so much fun. I'm looking for nice pen pals and friendships here, so feel free to hit me up!

Registration: 2nd September 2019      Last change: 31st August 2020

Barry Wong, M, 1999, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English, Mandarin
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello, My First name is WONG, I am living In the town called Yuen Long. just feel free to sent me an E-mail and be a friend Please NO SPAM THANKS. Spoken Cantonese is my mother tongue.

Registration: 16th December 2013      Last change: 22nd August 2020

Christa, F, 1993, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi here, I am Trista from Hong Kong. I am looking for a pen friend with a similar age, who could probably keep in touch for years and talk anything. Not necessary to meet-up, but that still sounds a good thing to get to know each other with some mystery. I like music, films, travelling, books (history, economic and psychology mostly) and netflix.

Registration: 17th August 2020

Tommy, M, 1998, Hong Kong
Writing language: English, Chinese
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hey! I am Tommy and it's a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to becoming your penfriend and share my interesting stories with you. I am quite an outgoing person and I truly enjoy meeting all kinds of interesting people from all over the world. I love sport, video games and literatures, but I also like getting to know all kinds of interesting stuff. So, feel free to write to me and share some of your interesting stories with me :)

Registration: 16th June 2014      Last change: 14th August 2020

Oilam, F, 1998, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
HI everyone! I'm Oilam from Hong Kong. I will graduate from university in next semester. And I'm learning German and want to make improvement. It would be so great if you can send an email in German! But I can also send email in Cantonese or Chinese or English! Let's learn a new language. I love travelling and hiking. I hope i can try sky-diving in the future and discover different culture. Because of the covid-19, most of the time i stay at home and cook food. So now i believe that i become a good chef haha!

Registration: 13th August 2020

paroles, M, 1988, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English, German
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
I'm an ordinary guy with a huge interest in books and films. When I get retired, I would like to have my own farm. Feel free to write to me :)

Registration: 25th May 2019      Last change: 5th August 2020

Janelle, F, 1999, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English, French
Correspondence: both e-mail and snail mail
Hi everyone. I’m Janelle from Hong Kong, currently living in the UK. I have not updated this profile for a long time but I’d still response to any pen pals request. I love music, art films, yoga, traveling, sunshine, hanging out with people and many more. I’m open to learning about any cultures and stories. Have a great day and remember to smile :)

Registration: 10th June 2014      Last change: 22nd July 2020

Tony, M, 1999, Hong Kong
Writing language: English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello I am Tony from Hong Kong. I am a university student, majoring in Chinese language and literature. I am seeking opportunities to practise my English, so just write me anything and I will be very glad to reply you in English. I am really interested in knowing different cultures around the world. Of course if you want to know anything about Hong Kong or China, I will be glad to tell you anything I know.

Registration: 17th July 2020

Tessa, F, 1989, Hong Kong
Writing language: Chinese, English
Correspondence: e-mail
Hello! I am a travel lover and a huge fan of cooking! Spending some time in excelling my cooking skills lately, I reckon I may be a good chef! I studied cultural studies in university and love to learn more about different cultures around the globe! I wish to make some new friends here who could share their cultures with me and have some great conversations.

Registration: 16th July 2020

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